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Poland requests German approval to send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine | CNN

Poland has formally asked for approval from Germany to transfer some of its German-made Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, its defense minister said Tuesday, raising the pressure on Berlin to respond to Kyiv's pleas and send its own shipment of vehicles into the battlefield.


Bill Gates backs start-up tackling cow burps and farts | CNN

It turns out burps can be big business. Billionaire Bill Gates has announced an investment in Australian start-up Rumin8, which is developing a seaweed-based feed to reduce the methane emissions cows produce through their burps and, to a lesser extent, farts.


Western allies urge Ukraine to shift tactics away from grinding war of attrition in Bakhmut | CNN Politics

US and Western officials are urging Ukraine to shift its focus from the brutal, months-long fight in the eastern city of Bakhmut and prioritize instead a potential offensive in the south, using a different style of fighting that takes advantage of the billions of dollars in new military hardware recently committed by Western allies, US and Ukrainian officials tell CNN.